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La pagina originale del Ransomware

Warning! Access to your computer is limited. Your files has been encrypted.

Have you already see that your files are encrypted and desktop locked?

Please don’t panic and send us angry emails or scare us to send claims in police, fbi or others - this is useless.

Please read this instruction carefully, then you will get answers to most of your questions.

We don’t answer to questions which already was answered in this instructions.  Do not waste our and your time.

Stupid questions like - "I have backup and need only 1-2 files and can pay you only 500,1000,1500$ USD etc., We have a small business, this amount is too high" - will be ignored.

Have backup - restore your files from it.

We know that in most cases this is lie, you have no backups and just trying to trick us to get discounts and pay less amount.

Our minimal price for your files is 5000$ USD. We don’t get passwords for free or for 500,1000,1500$ USD etc. We know that you have money.

Latest Updates (lesson learned, bugs fixed).

You have Antichild Spam Porn Protection 2.0 from 22.03.2013. What’s new?

1. Now we have 2 randomly generated cryptographic safe passwords, unlike the previous version when it will be a chance to generate passwords in certain circumstances. Now generating password is impossible in all cases.

2. Now files are encrypted using 2 randomly generated cryptographic safe passwords from 80 to 114 characters long, unlike one 55 characters long password and not cryptographic safe pseudorandom number generator in he previous version.

Now password look’s like this:

First password: 9DF19AB897351C2A0A0FE18A6A73722EDM66BSAl3jBe2a3K8L275j34525b3